Custom Mesquite Fireplace Mantels

Terry: 325-660-5223


We have a quick turnover of our Mesquite Mantels. We can custom make a Mesquite mantel to your specifications and e-mail photos for your approval. Contact us with your dimensions and we will be happy to quote a price.

Distance does not matter when ordering a Mesquite Mantel from Lankford’s Mesquite. We have shipped Mantels to the west coast, the east coast and to destinations in between.

Remember a few things when deciding on a Mantel size:

  • If the ceiling is high above the fireplace, a thicker mantel should be installed.  Thin mantels seem to “disappear” in a room with a tall ceiling.
  • A rule of thumb for the length of a mantel is to measure half way between the fireplace box and the end of the stone.  This should be where the mantel starts and ends.  However, personal preference is best.
  • Please check your local fire safety codes for placement above the firebox.  Most codes will be 16″ or more above the firebox for mantels of this size.

Mesquite Mantels for Sale


Mesquite Fireplace Mantel

59″ long   9″ deep   5.5″ tall


Shipping to be determined

If interested, please call 325-660-5223



Mesquite Fireplace Mantel

97″ long   13″ deep   7″ tall


Shipping to be determined

If interested, please call 325-660-5223


Mesquite Mantels below are SOLD


M 1288                                                                              SOLD


M 1287                                                                               SOLD

M 1279                                                                              SOLD

M 1281                                                                             SOLD

M 1282                                                                        SOLD

M 1283                                                                     SOLD

M 1286                                                                     SOLD


M 1250                                                                  SOLD


M 1251                                                                  SOLD



M 1252                                                                SOLD


M 1253                                                                 SOLD


M 1254                                                               SOLD


M 1255                                                              SOLD


M 1256                                                               SOLD

M 1257                                                             SOLD

M 1258                                                            SOLD



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