Custom Mesquite Fireplace Mantels

We have a quick turnover of our Mesquite Mantels. We can custom make a Mesquite mantel to your specifications and e-mail photos for your approval. Contact us with your dimensions and we will be happy to quote a price.

Distance does not matter when ordering a Mesquite Mantel from Lankford’s Mesquite. We have shipped Mantels to the west coast, the east coast and to destinations in between.

Remember a few things when deciding on a Mantel size:

  • If the ceiling is high above the fireplace, a thicker mantel should be installed.  Thin mantels seem to “disappear” in a room with a tall ceiling.
  • A rule of thumb for the length of a mantel is to measure half way between the fireplace box and the end of the stone.  This should be where the mantel starts and ends.  However, personal preference is best.
  • Please check your local fire safety codes for placement above the firebox.  Most codes will be 16″ or more above the firebox for mantels of this size.

Email:  Terry@MesquiteGallery.com

Terry:  325-660-5223

Mesquite Mantels below are SOLD


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